Why Buy from Us?

We recognize that you have many sources for the products you need and we thank you for taking the time to consider us.

So what do we offer that is unique? In our customer feedback we are commended time and time again for three key things.

1. Service

Our customers just love the awesome service we provide :)

From the pre-sales product support on the phone, via live chat and in person through to post-delivery follow up and support, our team rocks!

2. Speed

Our business is built to provide stunningly fast response

Our entire business is oriented around your needs - everything has been designed, cut and shaped to move quickly. Even repeat customers are still surprised by how quickly we can move.

3. Communication

We understand that you always need to know what's going on

Perhaps suprisingly, the third most common feedback our customers give us is that they value our constant and consistent communication. From order placement, fullfillment, back orders and returns - it doesn't matter, we'll always communicate with you - because you need to know.

These three things have become our core values. These are the things you can depend on when you choose to do business with us.